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Geneva or why do all good things come to an end?

Let’s face it: stereotypes exist. And – to paraphrase an old comedy – they are well and alive and living in my apartment. But now I want to talk about national stereotypes, the kind that make the punch line of … Continue reading

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Modern Cinderella: a story about a shoe and about the search for vocation

On that day I was out since morning to photograph the tulip park of Grand Bigard at the outskirts of Brussels (you can read about that and see the photos in my previous post). But it often happens that when … Continue reading

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My first star trails photo…or how I spent 1.141 seconds of my life

It was almost midnight and my friends have all gone to bed, that is in their tents. It was a long day, we hiked into the wild scenery of Retezat mountains (Romania), up to around 2500 m altitude, through bouldery … Continue reading

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The trees made of cotton candy on my street. The treacherous spring kisses them to bloom and then freezes them. The wind plays with the petals fallen on the cubic stone and pink tornadoes rise between the houses. The walls … Continue reading

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Stockholm: a mid summer day dream

“Why would you go to Stockholm in summer??” asks my Italian colleague, (only half) joking. Of course, coming from the country of “dolce vita”, wrapped in endless sunshine, pink oleanders, ripe oranges falling on the streets, the azzuro of the … Continue reading

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What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I could say that photography was my first love. It started when I was around six and my grandfather gave me his old Russian film camera, a Zorki. Although now it’s broken and lies somewhere in the back of a … Continue reading

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Do you like train rides?

There are few things that inspire me more than a long train ride. The time seems to slow down and another rhythm sets in, which favors imagination. In our day-to-day lives, we rarely find the time to simply sit, time … Continue reading

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