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Geneva or why do all good things come to an end?

Let’s face it: stereotypes exist. And – to paraphrase an old comedy – they are well and alive and living in my apartment. But now I want to talk about national stereotypes, the kind that make the punch line of … Continue reading

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My first star trails photo…or how I spent 1.141 seconds of my life

It was almost midnight and my friends have all gone to bed, that is in their tents. It was a long day, we hiked into the wild scenery of Retezat mountains (Romania), up to around 2500 m altitude, through bouldery … Continue reading

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Stockholm: a mid summer day dream

“Why would you go to Stockholm in summer??” asks my Italian colleague, (only half) joking. Of course, coming from the country of “dolce vita”, wrapped in endless sunshine, pink oleanders, ripe oranges falling on the streets, the azzuro of the … Continue reading

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Sunday feeling in Oostende

Odette Toulemonde, the protagonist of the Belgian movie with the same name, reminds me of Amelie Poulain.   Odette finds happiness in little things and in helping others; she levitates when she is happy (a sur-realistic touch which I find adorable). Her … Continue reading

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Magic and fairy tales

I love fairy tales! Although by now I have my doubts about happily ever after, that all it takes is to be a princess and that the biggest enemy of happiness is a wicked mother in law. Without any intention … Continue reading

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Street photography on Charles Bridge in Prague

Charles Bridge in Prague is one of the most crowded touristic places ever, the kind of places I usually avoid. Big crowds really put me off.  But on this summer trip to Prague I found myself spending almost two hours … Continue reading

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In a (nut)shell

These photos were taken during a weekend trip on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, at Tyulenovo and Krapetz. I was there with friends, we crossed the border from Romania  to Bulgaria at night and got lost driving on dark … Continue reading

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