About me*

(*under construction. permanently.)

About me?

"Claudia Tanasescu photography"This is the short version

The long version would be:

My name is Claudia and I love photography, writing, dancing, yoga, books, guitar, stories, nature, sparrows, friends, fog, the sound of rain, cloud gazing, the scent of the forest, the eyes of children, shown emotions, true conversations, mountain hiking, biking, wearing flowers in my hair, laughing till my cheeks hurt…and I love long descriptions (but that, you figured out already by now)

So what?! you might say.

Well, if you are here, it means we have one or more of the things mentioned above in common. One way or another, they will be all found on my blog, regarded from photographic point of view.

Usually, photography articles and books advice us to specialize in one area of photography. After I thought about this for a while, I decided I don’t want to specialize. Let me tell you why. I studied economics and European studies, I worked in four countries and about 10 jobs, in very different fields: the public administration in Romania and in the EU institutions, international development, IT, customer support, translations and for a short while I even distributed fliers in the mailboxes. If I had specialized in one of these fields, I wouldn’t have ended up doing photography now. And I would ave missed all these opportunities to know new things, people and environments, which eventually have been a great source of inspiration for photography and writing, which I am doing now. Each piece in the puzzle of our lives, has meaning only when we look at it as a part of the big picture, the image of our life, which is continuously under construction and deconstruction, as we improvise it throughout the years.

So what will you find here? The type of photography I love the most is nature, street and travel photography. I love to photograph people in their environment, and especially children, which make me laugh so much. I like to experiment new techniques and also to express photographically different concepts or ideas. I will also do long term projects and series. And I will write articles about photography, travel, daily happenings, inspiration, creativity.

This blog does not address exclusively photographers, but also  people (like me), who are on the uncertain and meandering road, in search of their vocation, or called less pretentiously, the things we love to do, that moves us and inspires us, our talents, our creativity, which I strongly believe that exists in each one of us and give meaning to our lives. I don’t really want to teach you anything, but I hope to inspire you to take steps on this road and also to receive inspiration from you 🙂

If I were to define my photos or what I want to say through them, I would use the words: Authenticity. Emotion. Connection. Without wanting to create a sensitive image of myself, I think these define me as a person too, because I believe that a photo says as much about the photographer as about the person who looks at it – if they relate with it. I would like, as Hemingway says about his writing, to say the truth, because the world which we live in is already too edited and artificial. And I promise, as Nina Simone sings, “Don’t put nothing in it unless you feel it”, that I will take photographs in which I believe, in which I pour myself, my soul.

I was one of those kids that was always asking annoyingly why. And I still believe that this question “why am I doing this?” is worth the effort of finding a good and honest answer. So I am asking myself also why am I photographing? Why would I add to the enormous quantity of images that assault us every day? My answer is rather selfish: because i cannot NOT photograph. Because when look through the viewfinder, I get out of the limited frame of my experiences and my shyness and I connect to the world, with everything that it has to offer (even though I believe I am doing this without the camera, too). But this is mainly what it means for me to photograph: to look, to witness the wonder of the world, even when it is not beautiful, and share it with the other viewers.

Therefore I invite you to look at the world together.

Motto: “We are here to notice each thing so each thing gets noticed. Together we notice not only each mountain shadow and each stone on the beach, but especially, we notice the beautiful faces and complex natures of each other. We are here to bring to consciousness the beauty and power that are around us and to praise the people who are here with us. We witness our generation and times. We watch the weather. Otherwise, the creation would be playing to an empty house.” (Annie Dillard)