One sentence a day

Motto: What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while (Gretchen Rubin*)

– I wanna do a 365 days project, meaning to take a photo and write something, even just one line every day. I have some cool ideas…

– But you’ll never make it. Every day is a bit too much. Maybe once in a while….

– Why not? If I set my mind to something, I’ll do it. I’ve done it before.

– Yea…maybe. Still, you know that many times you don’t feel like going out to photograph or to socialize. And now all this might seem like a cool idea, but you know how it is when you do something every day, it becomes an obligation, a burden and you can’t wait to get rid of it. Moreover,  you know that after a while you lose your motivation and you start wondering what’s the purpose of this and why the hell are you doing this?!

– Yea, you’re right….

I had these conversations in my mind a hundred times. And yes, I wish I could do that 365 days photo project. But it is still on the waiting list. I believe that the hardest thing is to do something regularly, weather it is learning something new, go running, keep a diet or healthy living resolutions, quit smoking, take care of somebody or…even harder, to change a way of thinking, of behaving etc. But I believe you noticed it too, that it’s only by small every day actions we can build something in time, rather than by big efforts once in a  while.

I don’t succeed either to put into practice or hold onto all my plans and ideas….but here is another try 🙂 I started writing one sentence every day and I would like to continue for 365 days. I started this project right on the day when I had this idea (I don’t need to wait for the 1st of January to start or change something , do I?) Therefore I write every day a thought that sums up or was the most important thing that day. Now when I read back, these sentences sound a bit pretentious, as if I concocted some famous quotes (and it’s really not the case 🙂 they sound too serious or too commonplace. Hmmm…maybe I should keep them for myself. But as usual here on my blog I decided to share some of my thoughts and experiences (no matter how they sound or seem), because I always find out that at least one person thought of the same things or felt the same.

3 September: Whenever I feel attacked, vulnerable or hurt, don’t go for the typical self-protection reaction, such as put on a shield, snap, or cling to something or somebody; it won’t help, it will just give you the illusion of feeling better temporarily.


4 September: Say it like it is, calmly, honestly, no accusations, no victimization.

5 September: Write. even if it’s just for you. You’ll see things clearer.

6 September: Start a personal project

7 September: Sit on a bench in the park in the sunshine, close your eyes, feel the heat of the sun on your skin, empty your mind

8 September: Put your whole being into your work, no matter what it is

9 Septembrie: It’s ok to cry or be sad sometimes, you don’t have to run away from it or fight against it at any cost (but in those moments, be patient, don’t act on it, rather sleep on it)

10 September: Become aware of your negative thinking patterns and let them go, they are the ones that determine how good or bad your life will be.

11 September: Do yoga, or meditate or pray

12 September: Take a day off in the middle of the week, but don’t do this in order to tick things off your to-do list,  and do only things that you enjoy (PS: and please, don’t post this as a status on facebook. if you don’t switch on the computer, it’s even better)

13 September: Everything depends on the perspective from which we see the events and people in our lives and no matter how hard or impossible this might seem, we choose this perspective, so we can also change it.

14 September: People are not means for reaching our happiness.

(or: People are not made to fulfill our wishes and behave according to our expectations, and if they don’t we feel hurt, nervous, disappointed or misunderstood. Or: When I focus my entire attention on the person in front of me, and not on what’s in my mind: my desires, my expectations, my feeling good, then I really see the person in front of me, I really hear what they say, there is a real and true connection.)

15 September: Don’t do things out of politeness or because others expect you to.

16 September: Happiness doesn’t last forever, neither does sadness, everything is continually changing and we have to accept them all without clinging to them or becoming hopeless

17 September: Say the truth and ask for the truth, no matter how hard or uncomfortable it is

18 September: Be kind and accepting and compassionate towards yourself, especially in those moments when you don’t “look” so good to yourself (this way you’ll be able to be kind and compassionate towards the others)

19 September: Look carefully and honestly inside you to look for what you can learn from the situations in your life when you were hurt or unhappy; most often they say something about yourself, not about how life or people suck.

20 September: Fear (of failure, of being hurt, of trying, of letting go, of people) is our worst enemy and it’s the holding you back/keeping you blocked from living the life you dream of

21 September: Do volunteer work

22 September: Sometimes we need help and it’s ok to ask for it and receive it, even if for some of us it is more difficult ot receive than to give.

23 September: Go for a walk/hike  in the nature, away from the city,  even for a few hours: look at the clouds, feel the wind, climb a hill, eat berries, lay in the grass

24 September: Learn to accept yourself, with your good and bad parts, on your better and worse days, and have faith that the people (who are important to you) will accept you like you are (they also have their flaws, quirks and amazing parts)

25 September: There will always be people who appreciate and who don’t appreciate what you are and what you do, but you don’t have to draw your motivation on that

26 September: Speak to unknown people (and listen more than speak)

If you feel like, drop me a line (in the comments section below) saying your thought for today. Looking forward 🙂

* Gretchen Rubin containing her daily sentences that she wrote during five(!!!) years

For the Romanian version of this post go here

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