35 ways of seeing myself*

Motto: Not all those who wander are lost (JRR Tolkien)

 People often ask me how personal I want my blog to be. How much of my experiences, my thoughts, my feelings and my life I want to share here?

I am also asking myself that. I am also wondering why on earth am I doing this, to write about myself, why should anyone be interested in that? Especially that I don’t like to be a public person, I get very nervous when I have to speak in public, I am not really sociable, I need my time of quietness and loneliness in order to function properly, I don’t have an extraordinary life, I don’t feel the need to be seen or listened to or to convince other people of my opinions. Then why a blog? Some years ago the idea of having a blog was very very VERY far away from me. But nothing happens by chance. All our decisions and actions, and all the events that we can’t control and come over us, none is accidental. They lead us, on a winding road, full of obstacles and trials, towards ourselves, towards our true core. I think my photos and writing speak of this road. And yes, it is personal. This road full of illusions, detours, imitations, uncertainty, fake, beautifying, covering up, masks, influences, people and events that change our course, holes, losses and rebirths.

To find yourself has become probably a major theme of our times. And there is an abundance of material on this. From Eat Pray Love, to stories of road trips, spiritual trips, self-help books and motivational sites. And it’s not by chance that this kind of materials flourish. Now, more than ever, as media and information has become so omnipresent, we are bombarded from everywhere by models, images, products, ideas, endless possibilities and distractions, so that often we no longer have the time or the necessary state of mind to stop and wonder who we really are, what do we really want, if what we want would really make us happy, if we follow an illusion or our own road and what does that mean.


This photo project that I would like to introduce to you today – 35 ways of seeing myself – is very personal. I am not aiming to make photos in which I look  beautiful / interesting / artistic. Probably I won’t even appear in many of the photos, so it’s not a series of self-portraits. I would like to create visual interpretations of my true self, like a manual of self-discovery.

And I hope that through this project I will inspire other people to really look at themselves (inside and outside), to assume themselves, to change, by letting go of fake images and ways of seeing themselves, which are deeply rooted and perpetuated through the years, to accept themselves. But hey, I don’t want everything to sound so serious and self-important, as if I knew some recipe of happiness. After all, one can take in only what one wants or resonates with oneself from this project, like anything that comes from outside ourselves.

Coming back to the question what relevance might have my (or anybody’s) experinces to other people, I think that when we express honestly our experinces and ourselves, even when (or especially when) they are not „presentable”, not caring about what the others migth say, or what they keep showing/telling us how we should be (i.e: powerful, in control, positive, successful, etc.), not caring that we might be ridiculed or hurt, then we inspire other people to be authentic. At least this is what inspires me. Speaking of which, I really liked this quote from Brene Brown’s „Gifts of imperfection”: You have to be brave with your life, so other people can be brave with theirs.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on how you see yourself. And by the way, would you like to do/take part in such a project? If you feel like, you can write a comment below. Thank you 🙂

* The title of the project was inspired by the e-course by Susannah Conway – Uravelling: ways of seeing myself, that I took some time ago and I really like it

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4 Responses to 35 ways of seeing myself*

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  2. Paula says:

    This is inspiring! As always. I’ll be following.

  3. Thanks, Paula! You could also do a photo project like this 😉 Let me know if you wanna share

  4. Silvy says:

    I want to take part of such project if it’s still available?!
    Thank you
    Silvy 🙂

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