Let’s take the art in the street

Do you know that feeling that you have when you are on holiday, somewhere South (like Spain or Portugal, which I adore) and there is a bohemian atmosphere in the narrow streets and the small squares with beautiful old buildings, there are painters and guitar players, people smile back at you, you are suntanned and feeling mellow from the sun, it smells like summer, you are relaxed and far away from every day life and you are thinking oh, it would be so great to live here, like this? Well, this is how I felt last weekend in…Timisoara. Yes, the city where I live. Some weeks ago I was telling you a bit about what’s happening in Timisoara (see post). Today I will continue with the same topic. It’s about the street art festival Acces Art. It was like this: youngsters sitting on the grass in the main square and painting, mosaic and glass painting workshops, ink drawings hanging on a wire, children with their faces painted, modelling clay, jugglers, games, buzz from the people sitting at the terraces, sunshine, relaxation, jazz, funk and…many people smiling. I was busy photographing, but I was smiling too behind the camera, seeing people so caught up in the art workshops, discovering their “inner artist”. I love street festivals, they always bring good vibes and personality to a city. It’s an occasion to play, to try your hand at a new handcraft, to unleash the creativity, to connect wit the others easier, not to take things so seriously for a while. I think art has power, like words. Probably it won’t change the world or solve the economic crisis, (yea, I know, we have more serious concerns than to play in the street), but I believe art brings something essential and probably unquantifiable to a community and to the people taking part in it. I think it brings out for a few days or hours a part of ourselves – playful, childish, silly, creative, enthusiastic – that we don’t see every day.

Looking forward to the next street festival this weekend!

More photos from this festival and from other cultural events in Timisoara, that I took for my photo project Cultural Timisoara: here

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