Tuesday photo #13

Ceci n’est pas un tableau

Here comes the sun

Probably you are wondering what were these people doing in the middle of the field running around with a frame and a scarf. Let me tell you. I wanted to make some photos for an art magazine to illustrate the theme of creativity, freedom, artist mobility. The photos were not selected for the magazine, but I really like them and I don’t regret at all making them. Besides, I am grateful to have friends to support me in all my crazy ideas and didn’t care about the trucks that were honking when passing by that field 🙂 Thank you!

Recently I sent these photos to a photo competition with the theme “Live art to the maximum”. If you like them and have time, you can vote them here. Thanks a lot!

Hope you liked it. See you soon, for the Friday post. This one will be the monthly post about resources and inspiration.

For the Romanian version of this article go here

Or check out my photo activity on my facebook page

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