Tuesday photo # 10

A photo from Brugge and… an interview with me on Stories with photographers (sorry, it’s only in Romanian)

If you would like to see more photos from Brugge and Belgium: here

Or check out my facebook page

For Romanian go here

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2 Responses to Tuesday photo # 10

  1. cococita says:

    Looks like you are doing quite a lot of traveling these days … and you came to Belgium as well … 🙂 Stockholm sounds and looks like an amazing place. It’s on my wishlist as well 🙂 Did you visit more places than Bruges?
    Elke x

  2. Actually I don’t travel so much since I returned to Romania, it just seems so from my photos 🙂 Indeed, I came to Belgium, but just for a couple of days for administrative stuff. But I couldn’t help making a short photo trip to Brugge 😉 I didn’t visit other places, no time…
    Thanks for following, Elke 🙂 I have to get updated on your Gratitude project, I like it so much

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