My photo projects for 2012. Cultural Timisoara


The idea of this project started vaguely, something like: I like to take photos + I like to go to cultural events in Timisoara.  But as time went by, the idea became more concrete and it was “upgraded” to a project 🙂

As some of you might know, last year I returned to Timisoara after several years of living abroad. I longed to reconnect to people dear to me, but also places and an environment that I felt I belonged to. I wanted to rediscover the city, to reconnect to it. And for me, the best way to connect is through photography. So I am walking and biking  a lot around the city, photographing. I am also going and photographing quite often different cultural events, concerts, theater plays, exhibitions, book launching, happenings, which make such a nice atmosphere in the city. Walking around, I discovered that there are so many things happening and changing in my city, not only from cultural point of view, there are a lot of NGOs, young people with nice community initiatives. Maybe for people who haven’t lived in Romania it is difficult to understand why this is such a big deal. But like in all post-communist countries, things are changing slowly, slowly. And it feels good to be part of this change.  And the times they are a changin’

Therefore, through this project I would like to gather photos taken at cultural events in Timisoara. I don’t intend to cover all the events, it would be impossible, nor do they interest me all. I also don’t want this project to become a newspaper that covers cultural events, there are already enough and good ones.  But I would like to show how cultural Timisoara looks from the point of view of a ordinary citizen ( me 🙂 ). I would also like though my photos to improve the visibility of (local) artists and therefore support them. And last but not least, I would like to bring my small contribution to the idea that Timisoara could selected in the near future the European Capital of Culture.

And yea, I know I’m not gonna change the world (or not even the city)though this project, but I think every tiny little thing we do for the community in which we live matters. What do you think?

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