Tuesday photo #04


Sometimes, the hardest thing in photography is not the technical part, but going against the human instinct which makes us look for comfort/safety. This means to wake up at impossible hours in the morning, to make yourself go out in the rain, drizzle, snow, fog, when all you wish is to stay home under a blanket with a warm tea, to carry on your back everywhere you go a backpack (which makes you look like a hunchback) with at least five kilos of cameras, lenses, filters, tripod, cables, to bend in strange positions, on your knees, tummy, back etc, sometimes having to ignore the laughter and the ironic comments of the passers by (“miss, you have such a big camera, you can capture the whole world with it and a bit on top of that”. that was for real 🙂 )

But – as you might have imagined – I will say it is worth it. (speaking of which, you might want to read this related post). As it was worth it to sit for a couple of hours under the eaves of a house, with my wet boots in a puddle and my fingers numb from cold, just to be able to capture the photo above. I think images like this are somehow “offered” to you, I mean you can’t plan them, just wait, notice and have your camera ready.

More photos from Timisoara taken on that day: here

For the Romanian version of this article go here.

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