Tuesday photo #03

"urban landscape"

Urban landscape

This photo was taken in Timisoara, not far from where I live. I must have passed by this place hundreds of times, but never in this season and at this hour when the sun is projecting perfectly the shadows of the tree and the traffic light on the wall of the house nearby. Or it is very likely that I passed by and I never noticed this image, being too caught up in my thoughts, hurrying somewhere or looking intently at the traffic light, waiting for it to turn green.

This photo reminded me that there are so many beautiful things (and worth to be photographed, in my opinion) right in our home city, on the streets that make the backdrop of our everyday lives. Very often, the ordinary things are the ones that are the most unknown to us. We pass them by every day, we think we know them and we don’t really see them any more, as we long for new and different places (or people) to dazzle us. The routine (or the habits) are some sort of blindness to the beauty of each day, which seems just the same as the one before.

I hope this will inspire you to too, to take a fresh look at the world near you, as if seeing it for the first time. Every day.

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