Projects in 2012. Project 1: The Readers

I always liked new year’s resolutions (or resolutions, in general πŸ™‚ . But let’s face it, how many times we abandoned on the way or haven’t even started these well intended projects? Especially when there are projects that are not necessary for survival, but they are about doing something for ourselves, helping others or doing something creative. But these ideas never die, they rest on that dusty and crowded shelf in our memory, which is full of unfulfilled wishes and products of imagination. They are waiting there for the so-called “right moment”, for when we when we will be less tired or less busy, for when the spring or summer will come, for when we will be more energetic or we will loose weight, for when we will overcome our shyness, apathy or seasonal depression, when we will have money to buy that super cool camera, for when we will have a partner, for when we will retire, and so on, the years go by.

One of the photo projects I would like to accomplish this year, and that’s why I am telling you about it, so you are witnesses πŸ™‚ is

The Readers or For the Love of Books

What? Why? How?

The project will consist of portraits of readers and their books, they might be friends or strangers that read in public spaces, children or grandparents, reading in cafes, in parks or at home, they might be reading novels or short stories, fairy tales or comic strips. The idea is to explore the universe of the other readers, get recommendations about book, see what books mean for people. Reading is by definition a solitary activity, but the books, the love for a good book or the feeling when a books traps us in its universe and we can’t let go of it, connect us, the readers. But this is just one level of the project.

It is also a small social experiment. By trying to approach and photograph strangers, I am trying to cross the barriers that we usually feel when we are trying to connect to the others. These barriers are: politeness, fear to be ridiculous, fear of rejection (or simply fear), individualism, indifference or the isolation in which we got used to live. Moreover, I believe there are many stories in our close environment that are worth to be photographed and told. I don’t think we have to go to the end of the Earth, in exotic or marginal communities in order to find subjects for photography.

Another goal of the project is to find out about good books and tell people about them, to encourage people to read and last but not least, my project has a strong local “flavor”, in the sense that it is focused on Timisoara, Romania (the city where I come from and where I live currently). That’s why I also want to involve in the project local writers and artists. Through this project, like through the other projects that I started (and I will start) this year, I would like to support and to promote the things that I believe in, good things that I see around me in my city. I know I won’t change the world, but maybe I will make a small difference πŸ™‚ I really think that what we do, each one of us, matters.

So I am aiming to have about 30 portraits of readers by the end of 2012 and make an exhibition. The first photo in the series is Cami and “Mr Vertigo” by Paul Auster. I am so curious to see what people and books I will meet. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet you too πŸ™‚

The gallery of portraits of readers that I made until now: here

For the Romanian version go here

What do you think about this project?

What are your projects for 2012? Best of luck!

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