The Art of Flying


Biking in my favorite park in Brussels, to enjoy the last days probably of this sunny autumn proved to be a good opportunity to try the photographic technique called panning with some very unpredictable flying subjects. All it takes is a lot of patience, attention…and a bit of luck to capture the birds in flight.

For the ones interested in the technical details of this panning experiment:
– the first photo: aperture: f/6,7; shutter speed: 1/45 seconds; ISO 200; For this photo I used the shutter priority mode, but then I changed to manual mode, because there were many exposure failures.
– the second photo: aperture: f/5,6; shutter speed: 1/60 seconds; ISO 200.
– the third photo: aperture: f/8; shutter speed: 1/30 seconds; ISO 200. As you can see, the background motion blur is stronger than in the other photos due to longer exposure time, but the subject is less clear. The shutter speed was too slow or maybe my sync with the bird’s flight was not perfect.

Important: the focus mode was set on continuous focusing (AI Servo in my Canon 450D’s menu). The lens I used was the Canon 18-200 mm, f: 3,5-5,6.

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2 Responses to The Art of Flying

  1. I really love that second image. You really have a good eye for this technique. And patience, and attention and luck. 🙂

  2. Claude says:

    thanks, Katie! It’s a lot of trial and error 🙂

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