Magic and fairy tales

"Le tombeau de Geant"

I love fairy tales! Although by now I have my doubts about happily ever after, that all it takes is to be a princess and that the biggest enemy of happiness is a wicked mother in law. Without any intention to be cynical I would tell Prince Charming about the impermanence of things as Buddhism teaches us or simpler, that “you live you learn, you love you learn, you loose you learn, you bleed you learn” as the song goes.

But the reason I started talking about fairy tales was the magic in them and magical places. Because yes, I believe that magic still exists in the world, and to feel it, our logic, left brain has to be silenced. I feel it especially when Iā€™m in the nature. And some places really seem to be made for it. Like this place called “The Giant’s Tomb” (Le Tombeau de Geant), which is found near Botassart, a village in the Ardennes, in the southern part of Belgium. The legend says that when the legions of Roman emperor Cesar defeated the local Gaulish tribes, there was a giant who refused to be taken prisoner. He ran and ran but eventually the Roman warriors surrounded him. Refusing to surrender to its future as a slave and an attraction in the Roman circus, he jumped off a high rock in the river Semois below. The next day, the locals buried him under the hill which bears his name today.

The End

PS: If you would like to see more photos of Belgium, check out this album.

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4 Responses to Magic and fairy tales

  1. I whole heartedly agree =) Beautiful shot!

  2. dbakti says:

    This is “magical” and your photo is fabulous! Love your post also. Thank you for sharing! Jeanne with http://the

  3. This is great – thanks for sharing!

  4. Claude says:

    Thanks a lot, everybody šŸ™‚

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