Street photography on Charles Bridge in Prague

Charles Bridge in Prague is one of the most crowded touristic places ever, the kind of places I usually avoid. Big crowds really put me off.  But on this summer trip to Prague I found myself spending almost two hours on Charles bridge observing the little universe there and doing the kind of photography I love the most: candid street photography. Actually it shares the first pace in my heart together with nature photography.

One good thing though about crowded places is that I can be incospicuous among the hundreds of other tourists with their cameras. Usually street photographers prefer the “golden” 50 mm lens, but I shoot with a zoom lens because it allows me to be even more incospicuous, as I am not drawing attention on myself by moving so much to frame or focus, and so I can capture people’s expressions or movements when they are not self-conscious or posing, like they usually are in front of the camera. I just sit on the side with my camera ready and I observe, waiting for – what Henri Cartier Bresson calls – the “decisive moment”. Of course, it is not only a matter of photographic skills, but a combination of chance and patience.

"Prague street photography collage"More photos from Prague here.

More street photography here.

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