Vielas de Alfama

"photo of Alfama"
“Vielas de Alfama
Beijadas pelo luar
Quem me dera lá morar
Pra viver junto do fado”

I must say I don’t understand a word of this, but when I hear it sang by Mariza, with her unmistakeable rugged voice, who seems to give her everything in each song, it moves me beyond words. Here is Vielas de Alfama.

As for the photo, it was taken in Alfama, an old quarter of Lisbon (featured also in my previous post). Getting lost in its tangled alleys (vielas) is the best way to discover it and sometimes you are rewarded by coming across a view like this, which made me feel like entering into a watercolor painting.

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2 Responses to Vielas de Alfama

  1. A lovely photo! I know most little corners of Alfama but I must admit, I don’t recognise this one.
    As for the lyrics, here’s a translation for you:

    Alleys of Alfama,
    Kissed by moonlight,
    I wish I resided there,
    To live next to Fado

  2. Claude says:

    Thank you 🙂 I also must admit I don’t remember how I got there, I was a bit lost, wondering around Alfama for an entire day, admiring and taking pictures.. A wonderful place!

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