Summer of love

"People dancing at music festival"

The photo on the left in this collage belongs to Robert Altman, one of my favorite photographers, whose book “The Sixties” I totally adore. And I guess you don’t have to be a hippie to like his amazing photos documenting the summer of love and the 1960s counterculture. There’s so much joy and simplicity in his captures of people dancing, singing, laughing, feeling the music, kissing, holding hands and each other, that it makes me smile every time I look at them. (maybe deep down I am a bit of a hippie after all 🙂

The photo on the right side, I took it in Lisbon at the OutJazz music festival. I love the effect live music has on people, that pure joy you can see on people’s faces, that loss of control and of yourself, letting your body flow with vibes and being one with the music. And that will always be the same, be it in the 1960s or 2060s (or at least I would like to think of the future that way).

And here is a song to accompany this post, which captures the same spirit you can see in Robert Altman’s photos: I got life, from the cult movie “Hair”.

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