When you’re gone…

"Berlin Holocaust memorial"

The photo was taken at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. On that day in November when I was sightseeing through Berlin, it was so cold and damp that the last thing I thought of was a title for the photo. But it often happens that when I look at a photo later on, I associate it instantly with a song that gives the title and the message to the photo (well, according to my interpretation, at least). For the record, this one is a song by The Cranberries.

Actually this makes me think that one could give a photograph any interpretation. It resembles the Roschach inkblot test: you see in the inkblots what is in your mind, and ultimately it says something about yourself. To paraphrase that old saying: meaning is in the eye of the beholder.

I could have entitled this photo “Autumn” or “Rainy day in Berlin” or “Holocaust memorial”, which would have all been more descriptive and accurate titles, but then I think I wouldn’t have received the most comments ever on my blog (until now, at least) on this particular photo. I believe we all like to see a beautiful image, but what we appreciate the most is the images that we can relate with and resonate with us. We share the same human emotions that connect us, which find their expression in art, in any of its forms – a book or  movie, a photo or a painting, a theater play or a concert. I also believe that the more strong or painful, and important for that matter, these emotions are, the more difficult it is to express them directly. I like that about photography, the power to express emotions beyond words and to connect us.

What do you think about the interpretation of a photograph or of art in general?

What does this photo say to you?

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8 Responses to When you’re gone…

  1. pholst says:

    Claude! Amazing photos! Will start following this blog. 🙂

  2. claudetm says:

    Thanks, Paula 🙂

  3. anjukala says:

    Cheers, Clau. The Holocaustmahnmal of Eisenman was perhaps my favourite spot in Berlin, and had your photo been among the postcards for sale, I would not have hesitated. Greetings from snowy Turku!

  4. Dení Rubio says:

    Your photos are amazing, keep it going Claudia! 😉

  5. Claude says:

    Thanks Deni, I will 🙂

  6. eyedesign9 says:

    I really like this image, nice job!

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