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Lazy Sunday morning


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A flew over the crow’s nest


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Tuesday photo #47


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Tuesday photo #46


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Photo retrospective 2012

2012 was a year of big changes, self-discoveries and new beginnings for me. And it didn’t finish. I will speak about what this year taught me next Friday, but for now, as this post is about photos, I’ll speak a bit about photography.

This was in a way a sabbatical year for me. But I didn’t travel around the world during this time, on the contrary, I hardly left my home city. But it proved once more that the most important journeys are the inner journeys. Regarding photography, this is what I did this year. I focused all my energy and creativity in this field. I started on this road without plans or strategies, it was more like a jump into the unknown, and it came with a lot of fear and doubt, of course 🙂 I still don’t know if this will be my new “career” so to speak, but I never had one (or the ambition to have one) and I it’s perfectly fine like this.

What I do know is that photography will accompany me for a long time from now on. But compared to the beginning of this year, it changed a lot the way I relate to photography. It definitely is something important for me, but I no longer define myself by that. I think that I learned that even when it comes to things that are important to us, that attract us, that give us satisfaction, we have to keep a little distance, to be a detached a bit. This doesn’t mean not to involve in what we are doing, on the contrary, but it means not to build our world around it, based on some external reference points. We must find our center inside  us.

I also learned that it makes no sense and it’s no use to worry about what it’s gonna be, to try to imitate success strategies, but simply to give my best in what I do, meaning to pour my soul in my photos and believe in my photos and projects, and then simply let things happen. And they do happen (weather we believe in this or not). And the road that I must follow becomes more and more clear. I strongly believe that it is an illusion that we can control everything. At least this is what I learned. And since then my life is more simple and fulfilled.

But hey, maybe some of you are here for the photos not for life philosophy 🙂 so here it is how 2012 looked for me (and it mostly took place in Romania, where I returned in December 2011 after living abroad, in Belgium, for some years):

In January I started walking around in the city with my camera and the first photo that I took (on the wall of the wedding dress shop it is written “Love don’t cost a thing”) has brought me the secong prize in a photography competition and I was invited on a local TV show about photography.


In January it continued to rain in Timisoara


but in February it snowed heavily and the city looked marvelous under snnow



In February I also went to a photography workshop somewhere in the mountains in Romania, with a Romanian photographer that I love, mr. Mihai Moiceanu. The photo below is from that worskhop:


And at the end of February I launched my Romanian website.

In March I discovered a place in Timisoara I’ve never been before: an old water treatment plant that makes a great space for unconventional art events:

_MG_9596 copy

In March I also went to a great exhibition: the history of a craft: Petru Kindlein, jeweller and clock repairer (I wrote about this here)

Ceas_18 copy

Walking around in Timisoara, maybe for the first time really paying attention to my surroundings, I saw in a different light common places:

Urban landscape

In March I also started my first photo project: The Readers. I hope that in 2013 I will finish it and organize a photo exhibition and I would love to make an ebook.


In the last day of March the Earth Hour was celebrated around the world, also in Timisoara: Timisoara

In April the first signs of spring appeared in Timisoara


I found out about this great idea in a bar in my city (Bruiaj Bar), to give away a hand written poem together with the morning coffee, it definitely is a good start for the day


In April I also went to a super nice concert of a local band – Blazzaj – and, as I realized I was going quite often to all sorts of cultural events in my city and also photographing, I decided to start a photo project about this – to support local artists and cultural events through photography and writing.


In April I went on a trip to Belgium, the only travel abroad this year, and I revisited Brugge:Brugge

In May I went on a trip top Herculane, one of my all time favorite places in this world, I would say:


IMG_1907 copy

In June I spend a lot of time outdoors, it was already very hot in Timisoara. There were a few open air festivals and…a huge water fight in one of the central squares 🙂

apa_087 copy

Acces art colaj web



In summer I also biked a lot and I went on many one day trips around the city, in the forest, in the fields, I loved it!


I took some more photos for my photo project “The readers”


In July I spent one week together with my friends in a remote village in the coutryside in Romania where I rediscovered the simple joys, like silence, strolling n the fields and hills, sleeping under a tree and I also wrote about it


IMG_4013 copy

During one of the bike rides around Timisoara I photographed this amazing sunflower field at sunset and also a flock of crows

floarea soarelui


In July I also photographed as volunteer a touching event in the Art Museum in TImsoara, two aged persons ill with Parkinson made their debut as museum guides:muzeu-alzheimer_055 copy

muzeu-alzheimer_098 copy

The month of July finished with a weekend hiking and camping trip to Nerei Gorges, in RomaniaCheile Nerei

In August I went to the seaside in Romania:


And I took the first photo for the project “35 Ways of seeing myself”


Back in Timisoara I did more street photography:


colaj tm a-n

In September I took photos of children:

Iasmina_12 copy

In November there were many wonderful days with beautiful autumn light, so I went on a hiking trip in the Tarcu mountains


cuntu_016 copy

…and on the hills and in the vilalges near Timişoara



…and this was the last bike ride of the year before winter set in:

IMG_7584 copy

In November I went to a concert I really liked of a local band Acoustica:


In December I didn’t take too many photos outdoors  but I started a project related to yoga (see here), which includes the photo below called Change the perspective

….and this is what I wish to you in 2013 🙂

Change the perspective

How was 2012 for you?

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Tuesday photo #45


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